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8 oz Steelhead Meal Topper

8 oz Steelhead Meal Topper

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THE PERFECT CHOICE: Having trouble finding a meal formula that your best friend will love? Would you like to make sure your dog or cat receives the right dose of healthy fats with their meals? The Shay’s Way Pet Food toppers are exactly what you need!

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This meal topper for dogs and cats is made with the highest quality, all-natural pressure-cooked salmon, a single human-grade ingredient that is 100% safe!

DELICIOUS TREAT: This Pet food topper is an ideal choice for picky eaters, having a delicious salmon flavour that stimulates their appetite. Simply pour the contents on their regular food and watch them go crazy!

RICH IN ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: Salmon is a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats, protein, calcium, vitamins and essential minerals, acting as a complex dietary supplement ideal for cats and dogs.

AMAZING BENEFITS: This pouch topper is rich in nutrients that contribute to healthier skin and coat, may help improve immune and brain function, at the same time helping protect joints against inflammation.

TEXTURE: You will notice that our Steelhead product has a delicate texture with more free oils. To get all the benefits of Shay's Way, we recommend mixing the product within the package prior to serving. 

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